Jurnal Internal Prodi

Journal of Translation Studies (JTS)

The systematic study of the theory, description and application of translation, interpreting, and localization. Translation Studies borrows much from the various fields of study that support translation. These include comparative literature, computer science, history, linguistics, philology, philosophy, semiotics, and terminology. Theory: Skopos theory, translation project, translation criticism, dynamic and formal equivalence, contrastive linguistics. Technologies: CAT, machine translation, mobile (machine) translation, translation management system, dubbing, subtitling, pre-editing, post-editing, multimedia translation.

Journal of English for Specific Purposes (JEFSP)

A subset of English as a second or foreign language. It usually refers to teaching the English language to university students or people already in employment, with reference to the particular vocabulary and skills they need. As with any language taught for specific purposes, a given course of ESP will focus on one occupation or profession.

Journal of Language Testing and Assessment (JLTA)

A field of study under the umbrella of applied linguistics. Its focus is the assessment of first, second or other languages in the school, college, or university context. The assessment may include listening, speaking, reading, writing, and integration of two or more of these skills, or other constructs of language ability. Equal weight may be placed on knowledge (understanding how the language works theoretically) and proficiency (ability to use the language practically), or greater weight may be given to one aspect or the other.

Indonesian Journal of Sociolinguistics (IJS)

The descriptive study of the effect of any aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and context, on the way language, is used, and society’s effect on language. It differs from the sociology of language, which focuses on the effect of language on society. Sociolinguistics overlaps considerably with pragmatics. It is closely related to linguistic anthropology; some question the distinction between the two fields, emphasizing their historical interrelation. Key concepts: Code-switching, diglossia, language change, language ideology, language planning, multilingualism, prestige. Areas of study: Accent, dialect, register, discourse analysis, language varieties, linguistics description, pragmatics, variation.

Indonesian Journal of Psycholinguistics (IJP)

Psycholinguistics is an interdisciplinary field that consists of researchers from a variety of different backgrounds, including psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, speech and language pathology, and discourse analysis. Psycholinguists study how people acquire and use language, according to the following main areas; Language acquisition, language comprehension, language production, second language acquisition.

English Language Teaching Methodology (ELTM)

Teaching method refers to general principles, pedagogy, andragogy, heutagogy (autodidactism) and management strategies used for classroom instruction and outdoor activity. Formulated a framework to describe various language-teaching procedures: approach, method, design, procedure, and technique.

Journal of Computer Interaction in Education (JCIE)

The journal welcomes contribution in following topics: New methods for working with computer role in education, teaching with computer and interaction design in the classroom, studies of how student interact with and through technology, research about the use of, the design of, technologies for learning, sociality and communication, evaluation studies of new and emerging technologies designed for the student.

Journal of Applied Linguistics Studies (JALS)

The journal of nature, structure and variation of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology and the study of human speech, language form, language meaning, language in context, syntax, and pragmatics.

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  • Syarat Pendaftaran Ujian Skripsi

    Ujian skripsi adalah ujian tugas akhir mahasiswa sebagai syarat akademik untuk mendapatkan gelar sarjana (S.Pd), ujian ini dapat diikuti oleh mahasiswa yang telah memprogramkan mata kuliah Skripsi pada semester 8

  • Workshop: Penyusunan Bahan Ajar Inklusif berbasis UDL

    Tim penerima bantuan dana Inovasi Teknologi Asistif dalam Pembelajaran Universitas Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar menggelar Workshop Nasional Penyusunan Bahan Ajar Inklusif Berbasis Universal Design Learning (UDL). Workshop ini digelar secara daring