Book Chapter: ELT Perspective of Multicultural Communication

Elt perspective of multicultural communication. Book chapter. – Samarkand: Publishing house Samarkand state institute of foreign languages, 2023. – 140 p.

This compilation of articles began as a side project stemming from a research collaboration between Muhammadiyah University of Makassar and Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages. We collaborated for three months, focusing on cultural awareness, ELT perspectives, the implementation of EFL in the communicative approach, and the integration of English language skills.

Given the success of this collaboration and the paramount importance of interpretability in learning, we anticipated a surge of articles on these topics. However, our search primarily yielded relevant research papers and a smattering of blog posts. There was no comprehensive overview available, which inspired us to write this book, shedding light on the distinctive aspects of both universities. The aim of this compilation was dual: to deepen our understanding and to disseminate this newfound knowledge.

This book chapter delves into numerous techniques of interpretable learning. In the opening chapters, we introduce global literacy, emphasizing the role of personal experiences in cross-cultural awareness, and discuss the essence of interpretability, highlighting its significance. We also share stories touching upon the social and cultural functions of language communication. The book considers into diverse pedagogical diagnostics in foreign language training, addressing the nature of explanations and human perceptions of quality

We also explore inherently interpretable machine learning models, such as regression models and decision trees. The core focus, however, is on model-diagnostic interpretability methods — those applicable to any type of learning model and implemented post-training. Some techniques elucidate the perspectives of ESL students on communicative competence in Uzbekistan. Other sections detail the metacognitive methods as educational strategies, and the relevance of communicative competence as a pedagogical category in secondary education.

We conclude by reflecting on the potential future trajectory of interpretable communicative learning.

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