International Delegation Asia University Debating Championship 2022

English Education Department of Unismuh Makassar sent a delegation to join the debate competition, hosted by MIDP. MIDP is an educational institution that works on improving soft skills literacy and accessibility in Malaysia through communication skills training, critical and creative thinking, arts education, as well as character building for various stakeholders.

MIDP is recognised as the leading institute for soft skills education. Joining competitions is an important part of mastering soft skills.

They provide a platform for students to practice and apply the skills that they have learnt outside of the classroom. It’s not just about winning or losing, but it is about having the courage to speak in front of an audience and doing their best in every situation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join one of our competitions today!


A competitive environment is a great place to build character, instil growth mindset, patience and resilience, while widening network and meeting like-minded friends!

With stellar judging, mind-engaging topics and top-notch personal feedback on your performance, unleash your competitive side and gain experience in a fun, educational and exciting environment. Anyone who has joined any of our competitions knows that our priority is to bring you the best tournament experience, be it online or offline.