Teacher Talks: Participative Strategies Used By English Foreign Language (EFL) Students In Online Learning Context

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This study deals with teacher talks that occur in online learning. It focuses on finding out participative strategies used by EFL students in zoom class. Students’ participation depends on the teacher’s way in engaging students’ interest. The research was conducted in English Foreign Language classroom at SMP 1 Bontonompo Gowa Regency. The participants of this research were students of grade seven in academic 2020/2021. The number of students was 35 students. In online learning process, the students study virtually via zoom. Their activities are observed and recorded, then analyzed qualitatively. The recording of teacher talks during the meeting was transcribed into written form. The students’ strategies that indicate
participation were taken from the transcript of recording. From the data, research finding indicate the ways of students in expressing their participation and interest in online classroom are reporting back, responding, questioning, rising hand, and reading aloud. In short, it can be concluded that the students express their participation when the teacher talk facilitates them to be active.

(1) Dr. Nurdevi Bte Abdul, M.Pd. (2) Dr. Ummi Khaerati Syam, S.Pd., M.Pd.